Install instruction

Please click one of the download links listed left, save the install software package. Use the default installation settings, then click the program icon on your desktop to start DVD Photo Slideshow.

DVD Photo Slideshow Professional Version

DVD Photo Slideshow allows you to make use of your DVD or CD burner to create entertaining slideshows you can watch on TV.

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Selected User Comments:

  • "We are interested in purchasing your DVD slideshow presentation software. ...

    We were impressed with the software and it is exactly what we need." ---John McGarry

  • "I am very interested in DVD Photo Slideshow. I have tried it along with a number of other programs and yours is the only one that survived the trial: it actually produced a Slideshow DVD that could be read both by a PC and my DVD Player." ---Michel Berube

  • "I purchased my copy of DVD Photo slideshow 2 days ago, and I am very impressed by how functional this software is. I was able to assemble an impressive looking slideshow with several hundred images in a matter of 1 hour, and even to customize the way individual images show up and add background sound." --- Dragoslav Mitrinovic

  • "I have looked at a lot of other slide show programs, and yours is definitely the best. I like the excellent picture quality on the television with the DVD player, and the transitions with the music." --- Richard Draper

  • "I have just evaluated your DVD Photo Slideshow, and with all software I have tested thus far, I am very impressed at the easy of use, quality, and customizable features." --- Michael Stuart

  • "Been looking for program to make Photo Slide Show on a DVD, well this is the only program out of approx. 6 that I have tried, that actually made a Slide Show. Have made several since the first one with no problems. Very good program!" --- ex-programmer from

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